The Canfield Fair, located in Canfield, Ohio, is one of the largest and oldest county fairs in the United States. Established in 1846, the fair has a rich history and has been a beloved tradition for generations of families in the Mahoning Valley. The fair was originally organized by a group of local farmers and businessmen who wanted to showcase the agricultural and livestock achievements of the region. Over the years, the fair has grown in size and popularity, attracting visitors from all over the country.

The Canfield Fair has a long-standing tradition of celebrating the agricultural heritage of the region. In its early years, the fair was primarily focused on showcasing livestock and agricultural exhibits, and it continues to do so to this day. The fair has also evolved to include a wide range of entertainment, food, and special events, making it a must-visit destination for people of all ages. The fairgrounds cover over 350 acres and feature a variety of buildings and facilities that host the numerous activities and attractions that make up the annual event. With its deep roots in the community and its commitment to showcasing the best of agriculture and entertainment, the Canfield Fair has become an iconic event that continues to draw thousands of visitors each year.

Key Takeaways

  • Canfield Fair is one of the oldest county fairs in the United States, dating back to 1846.
  • The fair offers a wide range of entertainment and concerts, featuring popular artists and local talent.
  • Visitors can enjoy a variety of food and dining options, from classic fair fare to gourmet treats.
  • Livestock and agriculture exhibits showcase the region’s farming heritage and modern agricultural practices.
  • The fair’s amusement park area features a wide array of rides and attractions for all ages.
  • Arts and crafts exhibits highlight the creativity and talent of local artisans.
  • Special events and contests, such as demolition derbies and pie-eating contests, add to the excitement of the fair.

Entertainment and Concerts

The Canfield Fair is known for its impressive lineup of entertainment and concerts, featuring a diverse range of performers and acts that cater to all tastes and ages. The fair’s grandstand hosts a variety of events, including demolition derbies, harness racing, tractor pulls, and concerts by well-known artists. The grandstand is a focal point of the fairgrounds and provides a lively atmosphere for fairgoers to enjoy thrilling performances and competitions. In addition to the grandstand events, the fair also features multiple stages throughout the grounds where visitors can enjoy live music, dance performances, and other entertainment.

One of the highlights of the Canfield Fair is its concert series, which brings in top musical acts from various genres. From country and rock to pop and hip-hop, the fair’s concert lineup offers something for everyone. Past performers have included big names such as Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, Miranda Lambert, and Kid Rock, drawing large crowds and creating unforgettable experiences for attendees. The fair’s commitment to providing high-quality entertainment has made it a favorite destination for music lovers and has helped solidify its reputation as one of the premier fairs in the country.

Food and Dining Options

The Canfield Fair is a food lover’s paradise, offering a wide array of dining options that cater to every palate. From classic fair favorites like corn dogs and funnel cakes to gourmet food trucks and international cuisine, there is something to satisfy every craving. The fairgrounds are dotted with food vendors offering an extensive selection of delicious treats, ensuring that no visitor goes hungry during their time at the fair.

In addition to traditional fair fare, the Canfield Fair also features a variety of dining options that showcase the region’s culinary diversity. Local restaurants and vendors set up booths to offer their specialties, allowing visitors to sample the best of Mahoning Valley’s food scene. Whether it’s savory barbecue, mouthwatering pierogies, or decadent desserts, fairgoers can indulge in a wide range of flavors and dishes that highlight the area’s rich culinary heritage. The fair’s commitment to providing diverse and delectable dining options has made it a favorite destination for food enthusiasts and has helped establish it as a premier culinary event in the region.

Livestock and Agriculture Exhibits

Year Number of Livestock Exhibits Number of Agriculture Exhibits
2018 500 300
2019 550 320
2020 480 310

At its core, the Canfield Fair is an agricultural event that celebrates the region’s farming heritage and showcases the best in livestock and agriculture. The fair features a wide range of livestock exhibits, including cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and poultry, where visitors can see prize-winning animals up close. In addition to livestock displays, the fair also hosts agricultural exhibits that highlight the latest advancements in farming technology, equipment, and practices.

One of the main attractions at the Canfield Fair is its competitive livestock shows, where breeders from across the region compete for top honors in various categories. These shows are not only a source of pride for participants but also provide valuable insights into animal husbandry and breeding techniques. The fair also offers educational programs and demonstrations that aim to promote awareness and appreciation for agriculture among visitors of all ages. By showcasing the hard work and dedication of local farmers and breeders, the Canfield Fair plays a crucial role in preserving and promoting the agricultural traditions that are integral to the region’s identity.

Rides and Amusement Park Area

The Canfield Fair offers a thrilling array of rides and attractions that provide fun for visitors of all ages. The fairgrounds feature a vibrant amusement park area with a wide selection of rides, games, and activities that promise an exhilarating experience for thrill-seekers and families alike. From classic carnival rides like Ferris wheels and merry-go-rounds to adrenaline-pumping roller coasters and spinners, there is no shortage of excitement at the Canfield Fair.

In addition to rides, the fair’s amusement park area also includes game booths where visitors can test their skills and win prizes. The lively atmosphere of the midway is enhanced by colorful lights, upbeat music, and the enticing aroma of cotton candy and popcorn. The fair’s commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable amusement park experience has made it a popular destination for families looking to create lasting memories together. With its wide range of attractions and entertainment options, the Canfield Fair’s amusement park area is a must-visit for anyone seeking an unforgettable day of fun.

Arts and Crafts Exhibits

The Canfield Fair showcases an impressive array of arts and crafts exhibits that highlight the creativity and talent of local artisans. The fair features multiple exhibition buildings dedicated to displaying a diverse range of artistic works, including paintings, sculptures, photography, textiles, woodworking, and more. Visitors can explore these exhibits to admire the craftsmanship and creativity on display while also having the opportunity to purchase unique handmade items as souvenirs or gifts.

In addition to static exhibits, the Canfield Fair also hosts live demonstrations and workshops where artists showcase their skills and techniques. These interactive experiences provide visitors with insights into various art forms and allow them to engage with artists directly. The fair’s commitment to promoting arts and crafts has made it a hub for creative expression and cultural enrichment in the region. By providing a platform for local artists to showcase their work and connect with audiences, the Canfield Fair plays an important role in fostering appreciation for the arts within the community.

Special Events and Contests

The Canfield Fair offers a wide range of special events and contests that add excitement and variety to the fair experience. From talent competitions and pageants to petting zoos and parades, there is always something happening at the fairgrounds to entertain visitors. Special events such as agricultural demonstrations, cooking competitions, and educational workshops provide opportunities for fairgoers to learn new skills and gain insights into various aspects of rural life.

One of the most anticipated events at the Canfield Fair is its annual parade, which features colorful floats, marching bands, equestrian units, and community groups from across the region. The parade is a vibrant celebration of local pride and unity that brings together people from all walks of life. Additionally, the fair hosts a variety of contests that allow participants to showcase their talents in areas such as baking, gardening, photography, and more. These friendly competitions not only add an element of fun to the fair but also serve as platforms for individuals to demonstrate their skills and creativity.

In conclusion, the Canfield Fair is a beloved tradition that has stood the test of time by evolving with the changing needs and interests of its community. With its rich history, diverse entertainment offerings, delectable dining options, agricultural showcases, thrilling rides, artistic exhibits, and engaging special events, the fair continues to attract visitors from near and far each year. As it continues to uphold its commitment to celebrating agriculture while embracing modern entertainment trends, the Canfield Fair remains an essential part of Ohio’s cultural landscape.

Check out the latest article on the Canfield Fair 2023 at Harpiris for an in-depth look at the upcoming events, attractions, and entertainment. Learn about the history of the fair, its significance to the community, and what to expect at this year’s festivities. Whether you’re a long-time attendee or a first-time visitor, this article will provide valuable insights and information to make your Canfield Fair experience unforgettable.


What is the Canfield Fair 2023?

The Canfield Fair 2023 is an annual event held in Canfield, Ohio, that features a variety of attractions including agricultural exhibits, live entertainment, amusement rides, and food vendors.

When is the Canfield Fair 2023?

The Canfield Fair 2023 is scheduled to take place from August 30th to September 4th, 2023.

What can visitors expect at the Canfield Fair 2023?

Visitors can expect to see livestock exhibits, horse shows, tractor pulls, live music performances, carnival rides, and a wide selection of food and beverage options.

Are there admission fees for the Canfield Fair 2023?

Yes, there are admission fees for the Canfield Fair 2023. Ticket prices may vary for adults, seniors, and children, and there may be additional fees for parking and certain attractions.

Is there parking available at the Canfield Fair 2023?

Yes, there is parking available at the Canfield Fair 2023. Visitors can expect designated parking areas with shuttle services to transport them to the fairgrounds.

Can visitors bring pets to the Canfield Fair 2023?

With the exception of service animals, pets are not allowed at the Canfield Fair 2023 for the safety and comfort of all attendees.

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